Our second campaign in 2015, co-hosted with Natalia Martinez-Kalinina, focused on the future of the Miami International Airport (MIA).

Over the course of 5 days, the 100 Great Ideas Facebook group swelled to more than 900 participants, and once again, more than 150 ideas were sourced.  

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All ideas were synthesized into key trends, which can be reviewed in the final report: 

We published an article once again for the Huffington Post, and scheduled a sit down with the then Director of Miami International Airport, Emilio Gonzalez, and his team. We invited 10 participants from the campaign who best represented the ideas that were put forth by the collective. Read their reflections from their airport visit here.

Many of the ideas from the campaign have been implemented - check out the details below!


  1. Improved transportation options

  2. Improved signage

  3. Additional local flavor

  4. Sustainable solutions

  5. Family-friendly solutions, including nursing suites and play spaces

  6. Staff training on customer service orientation


Various contributors, including Victor Brandon Dover and David Notik, suggested that MIA embrace innovation with Uber and Lyft and create signage and a dedicated area for them. MIA took up this suggestion and in Spring 2016, created a special zone for ride-sharing. Other transportation improvements include: Orange Line Metrorail Line stop at MIA, an almost-completed AMTRAK line that will (hopefully someday) connect to the airport, and airport maps available throughout the facility.

The AMTRAK station is built but not currently in use.

The AMTRAK station is built but not currently in use.


Many participants, Rob Biskupic-Knight, Carol Coletta, and Vance Aloupis, noted the need for better signage, both in the arrival/departure areas, in the parking area, and inside the airport. Luckily, as of Summer 2018, MIA has released an RFP for new signage, which will include re-visiting their strategic plan for signage. Furthermore, they’re planning to put parking beacons in the parking garage to indicate free parking spaces!



Who doesn’t love a little local flavor? Participants Mikhaile Solomon and Aileen Leigh cited the need for more vendors and kiosks that allow visitors to experience and explore Miami culture. Along these lines, the airport launched “The Marketplace”: a part of the D concourse dedicated exclusively to local food, beverage, and retail. Options include local chains My Ceviche, Half Moon Empanadas, Chefs of the Caribbean, and The Penguin Store.




Introducing sustainable practices was a common theme during the campaign. Participants including Michael DeFelippi and Ana J. Colls noted the need for more green spaces and David Doebler urged MIA to bring in more recycling options. Since the campaign, the airport has added water bottle refill stations as well as additional recycling bins. To our knowledge, no efforts are planned or underway to introduce additional green space or energy efficiency programs.



Participants including Angelika Zilberman, Gaby Guzman, and Florencia Jimenez-Marcos commented that they’d like more family-friendly options, including changing tables in the men’s bathrooms, security lanes just for families, nursing pods, and playgrounds for kids. Over the past few years, MIA has implemented many of these suggestions; they introduced nine Nursing Suites, opened the Plane Fun play area in October 2016, and have unisex bathrooms for families on each concourse.



A few participants, including Cheryl JacobsRalph Rosado, and Stephen Eichenbaum, noted opportunities for MIA to improve the customer service orientation for its staff. Since the campaign, all airport staff must complete a one-hour customer services training, and staff may opt to take the Miami Begins With Me four-hour course that is offered by the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau (GMCVB).

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