What does it take to create a world where everyone views themselves as a changemaker?

Ashoka, the strongest global network of social entrepreneurs is determined to find out. In partnership with Ashoka leadership in South Florida, we created a social-media campaign focused on highlighting the fact that everywhere you look in South Florida, you can find people taking on serious issues with their own two hands.

Radical Partners designed and managed the campaign, and the results went far beyond our expectations. Over the course of the 30 days, more than 700 individual changemakers were celebrated (many were celebrated more than once), and the group swelled to close to 1000 participants. The campaign was simple. Celebrate a changemaker, and then invite them to "pass it on", and celebrate someone else.  It was incredible to learn about the work of so many great people, and to see them be celebrated and celebrate others all at once. At the end of the campaign, Ashoka invited all participants to come out for a community networker, to honor the changemaking culture of Miami, and to build connections among those who engaged in the campaign.

We've gotten requests to run the campaign again, and we can't wait to do it!!