we accelerate positive change

Radical Partners is a social impact accelerator. We identify issues that matter most to the future of our city and 1) accelerate the work of leaders tackling those issues head-on and 2) mobilize innovators, investors, and leaders with the community at large to collectively learn about issues and generate solutions together.

we support outstanding local changemakers 

We run the Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp - an acceleration program for outstanding founders/leaders of local ventures that are elevating our region. Our 32 alumni are building things that change the landscape of South Florida. We host a variety of workshops to support the larger ecosystem as well.

We mobilize the community to tackle issues that matter

We identify issues that matter to the future of our region, and we activate the larger community to collaboratively take ownership for generating and implementing solutions. This year, we're focused on housing affordability, wealth disparity, diversity and inclusion, sustainability and civic engagement.


we connect people with different types of power

We know that lasting change requires all kinds of power. Community voice. Political will. Philanthropic investment. Leadership strength. We work hard to build relationships across multiple layers of power and to connect and foster meaningful partnerships that enable serious movement.

we build ventures that address issues that matter

We coach founders, CEOs, and boards. We host workshops that help org leaders and team members to build skills, reshape cultures, and tackle tough challenges that often face social-change organizations. We take on occasional consulting projects to help organizations to grow their impact.

Our Values

Strengthen the Community.  

Everything we do is in service of strengthening communities and improving the world. Everything.  

Invest in People. 

Relationships are our currency. We are willing to make sacrifices in order to do what is right for others. Our ability to impact change is directly tied to the strength of our network.


Supporting badasses who are changing the world is a blast.  We are wiling to fail brilliantly, learn quickly, and innovate until we find the path that works.  

our partners

Our work is all about partnerships. (Hence our name.) We partner with experts and leaders to fuel each of our internal projects, and we work to foster powerful partnerships for people in our networks as well.

Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Bootcamp is made possible through our partnerships with private sector companies such as Akerman and foundations such as the Knight Foundation, as well as the support of individual donors who provide scholarships of each entrepreneur, so they can participate for free. We also rely on a team of phenomenal coaches that are assigned to each entrepreneur throughout the duration of the Bootcamp.

100 Great Ideas

Our first campaign, focused on the future of libraries, was co-launched and designed in partnership with Francine Madera, a marketing and branding expert. The second campaign focused on the future of airports, was co-led by Francine, as well as Natalia Martinez, General Manager of the Cambridge Innovation Center. Campaign 3, focused on transit, was cohosted by Marta Viciedo and Ralph Rosado. Campaign 4 focused on housing affordability, and our 5th campaign, happening Fall 2018 (Nov 12th-16th) will focus on climate resilience and sustainability.