Multiple recent analyses and reports, including a 2017 report from Harvard University, have highlighted South Florida as the most unaffordable place to live in the entire United States.  It is clear that progress needs to be made to improve the housing affordability crisis, and we at Radical Partners believe that community members should be pro-actively engaged generating and debating solutions. With the generous support of JP Morgan Chase & Co, we will launch a “100 Great Ideas” campaign on Housing Affordability starting November 13th!

100 Great Ideas is a massive, online community brainstorm where the community comes together in the “100 Great Ideas” Facebook group to generate ideas, dialogue and learn about a pressing community issue - in this case, housing affordability. For five days starting November 13th, everyone in the region is invited to post ideas, questions, articles, comments in response to the question "What are the best ways to improve housing affordability in South Florida?" Campaigns are solution-oriented, generative and collaborative - and at the end, Radical Partners synthesizes the top ideas and trends and engages with local leaders to implement them.

The previous 100 Great Ideas campaign, focused on Public Transit & Mobility, engaged over 1700 locals and generated over 400 unique ideas. The top idea from the campaign,  for elected leaders to actually ride transit, was brought to life in our region’s first ever Public Transit Day on December 9th, 2016.

Many elected leaders have already committed to tuning into the housing affordability discussion and reviewing the top ideas that arise from the campaign, including Miami-Dade County Commissioners Daniella Levine Cava and Xavier Suarez, as well as City of Miami Commissioner Ken Russell (who is also a candidate for US Congress, Florida District 27). City of Miami Chief Resilience Officer Jane Gilbert, Matt Haggman (candidate for US Congress, Florida District 27), and Vance Aloupis (candidate for FL House District 115) have also committed to joining the conversation and reviewing the final report.

Sponsor JP Morgan Chase & Co. recognizes housing affordability as a critical issue in the community and has invested significantly in local initiatives, including 100 Great Ideas, to advance solutions. “Florida has a serious problem when it comes to affordable housing. We have one of the nation’s highest rates of cost-burdened renters and greatest shortage of options,” said Maria Escorcia, Vice President of Global Philanthropy for JPMorgan Chase & Co.. “It is important to work together as a community to come up with innovative ways to solve this problem.”

Radical Partners launched the 100 Great Ideas campaigns as a way to ease the lift of civic engagement for all Miamians: “Community voices matter. Instead of asking locals to turn out for a meeting or rally have their voice heard, we have created a digital space where all people can converge, learn, dialogue, and generate solutions. We want to hear the voices of thousands of locals from all different neighborhoods and backgrounds - and participation is welcomed and encouraged in any language,” said Rebecca Fishman-Lipsey, CEO of Radical Partners.

Nine local organizations will assist in moderating the discussion, including Engage Miami, Community Justice Project, Miami Homes for All, New Florida Majority, South Florida Community Land Trust, South Florida Community Development Coalition, the University of Miami Office of Civic & Community Engagement, NAACP Miami-Dade and Catalyst Miami.

The 100 Great Ideas campaign  goes live November 13th and will last until November 17th. For more information about the campaign, please visit or join the Facebook group at

Please email Sarah Emmons ( with any questions/comments!