As Florida braces for a potential hurricane emergency, we are keeping a running list of orgs, companies, and people who are stepping up. We see you.

  1. Miami Herald is free during the storm.

  2. The New Tropic and WLRN radio have teamed up to launch a user-sourced guide to where there is water/gas/shelter.

  3. Tolls are free by order of the Governor.

  4. Comcast is offering free internet hotspots across Florida right now.

  5. JetBlue has capped flights leaving SoFla at $99 to help people evacuate. Delta and American claim they’re reducing ticket prices as well. Flight change fees are also being waived in many cases.

  6. Solidarity Housing in Atlanta: Whoever set this up...we love you. Organizing places for Floridians (and Caroliners) to stay in Atlanta as they evacuate.

  7. The Knight Foundation has already donated $250,000 to the Red Cross of South Florida to help with relief/resources.

  8. United Way has posted a guide to help people prepare and seek help post hurricane, and is serving as a county emergency ops center.

  9. The Miami Foundation has set up a fund to respond to the emergency, and is directing people to support those responding to hurricane relief.

  10. Navy and Marine units are out and ready to go.

  11. Miami Parking Authority offered a free vehicular protection program for hurricane season to protect cars from sitting on the ground - the program completely filled up.

  12. Civic Hackers joined on slack and produced this resource real quick. Easy to use, regular news and resource updates, options for offering help and getting help.

  13. Veterans are putting up shutters. 

  14. An informal Emergency Ops Center has formed, focused on garnering resources for low-income, elderly, and disabled people. They've got google docs for Broward and Dade.

  15. U-Haul is offering free storage for 30 days at 96 locations across Florida.

  16. Airbnb activated its disaster response program, and there are hundreds of options for evacuees for free. You can look for accommodations or offer to host evacuees here.

  17. Beautiful to learn about the Emergency and Evacuation Assistance Program for people with special needs. 

  18. Disaster Response Volunteer Corps of techies helping in rescue and relief efforts with their skills.

  19. AT&T isn't charging those for overages for talk, text, and data from 9.8 to 9.17 for those in the Hurricane Irma path. 

  20. Cruise ships are making emergency trips to support those in need. 

  21. Regular, plain old human heroes. This guy, for example. Sean O’Hanlon is rallying resources on social media, posting his cell phone for strangers who need help, gathering people with boats to organize relief efforts before the hurricane even hits. Valencia Gunder is posting constant updates and resources, standing strong in Liberty City to support her community. Mariana Rego is building a listserve of people staying local during the storm to check on one another. The list of people offering beds, volunteering, and donating is growing, and we’re in awe of our friends and neighbors.

We’re going to keep growing this thank-you list. Keep it coming.