Dream jobs exist

We loved this feature of RP Founder Rebecca Fishman Lipsey up on the Prism Creative Group blog. We agree. These are dream jobs, y'all.

Thanks to author Lauren Gonzalez for a great piece.

Dream jobs do exists, my friends.

Dream jobs do exists, my friends.

Your View: We have 100 Great Ideas for the future of transit

Your View: We have 100 Great Ideas for the future of transit

Engaged communities are stronger communities.  But getting people to engage isn’t easy…especially when the typical methods for community engagement are stale, time consuming, and often uninspiring.

Have you ever gone to make a public comment at a commissioner’s meeting?  If you are in the minority of locals who even know where and when to show up, you would still have to take off from work to wait half a day to make a two minute comment to a group of officials who likely already have decided how they plan to vote.

It’s no wonder that so many community members feel there’s a gaping void between themselves and the leaders who make decisions for them.  And by extension, many feel disconnected from their local issues and discouraged from getting involved.

 There has to be a better way.

By The New Tropic

A more engaged Miami with Rebecca Fishman Lipsey

Almost eight years ago, Rebecca Fishman Lipsey moved to Miami to lead the Miami chapter of Teach For America, a national organization of recent college graduates who commit two years of their lives to teaching in under-resourced public schools. In her role as the executive director, Lipsey met inspiring and impactful leaders across the city — people committed to making Miami a better place for everyone. While these changemakers deeply cared about their city, all too often, passionate and hard-working social entrepreneurs were burning themselves out.

Text by Roshan Nebhrajani

Northside Innovation

Highlights from Miami's First Northside Innovation Meet up 

First stop, Miami! 

Northside Innovation Insider hosted the first Innovation Meetup in Miami, powered by Dell | Intel. It was a night of big ideas and a lot of social change: moderator Rebecca Fishman Lipsey talked with Stonly Baptiste of Urban U.S., Michael Hall of Digital Grass, and Adele Bagley from the Miami-Dade County. Plus, Kane Sarhan from Enstitute and Michelle Dow from Social Swag LLC shared how they found their inspiration to change their communities and beyond. 

By: Marcy Franklin

Key Biscayne Magazine - Hero

Radical Rewards

Developing effective leaders is only part of the job for Rebecca Fishman Lipsey, CEO of Radical Partners - the rest has to do with helping build an empowered legacy of community leaders.

Text by Estrellita S. Sibila

Huffington Post

Top 9 Priorities for Your First Month as a New Executive Director

Congratulations, you're the new Executive Director of a social-change organization. 

You've taken on a very hard job. One where your learning curve is often public. The hours are long, the priorities seem endless, the work is deeply fulfilling, and you are personally responsible for something that MATTERS. What you do, and more importantly what you don't do during your first month will set the tone for your long-term success. Welcome to the family - this hit-list is for you.

Our Miami Report 2014

Our Miami Report 2014 - Advancing Miami's Civic Change

The signs of Greater Miami's profess and promise are all around is: building cranes reappearing along the skyline, world-class museums anchoring a signature bayside park, growing networks of parks and greenways, colleges and universities expanding in size and stature, and national accolades for our public school district's achievements.

Published by the Miami Foundation

Miami Herald

Help us shape Miami's future

Pamela Druckerman’s NYT Op-Ed, ‘Miami Grows Up. A Little.’ sure hit a chord. What was meant to be an insider’s clever tour through a region’s history read more like a foreigners social appraisal of a city she no longer understands.

Livelihood Show

Visionary and Creator of Radical Partners – Rebecca Fishman Lipsey

What is a gifted teacher? Gifted teachers are described as having passion, enthusiasm, and competence. In the classroom, they inspire an atmosphere of mutual trust, a commitment to student success, a mystery of language and the ability to explain concepts well.

By Nolan Overton