We want to build a massive community of high-impact social change leaders who are building successful organizations that tackle our city's most pressing issues.  This bootcamp is our way of identifying outstanding founders and leaders, and showering them with resources, support, and coaching so that they thrive, sustain, and scale their impact. 

The program

A cohort of partners.  You will build a close network of founders/leaders and support each other as you grow the impact of your organizations.  Upon graduation, your entire cohort joins our social impact network for ongoing collaboration and support.

Intensive professional development.  Every two weeks, the entire cohort gets together for an intensive workshop focused on key skills that matter most to leaders as they’re growing the impact of their organizations.

Coaching:  Every member of bootcamp gets paired with a coach who leads them through 10 weeks of personalized executive sessions focused on pitch, fundraising, team growth, planning, and management skills.  


THE Highlights

3 months

5 whole-group intensive workshops focused on pitch, fundraising, time management, team growth, effective planning, and branding

10 personalized coaching sessions

Optional legal, branding, and accounting sessions with content experts

Social events, networking opportunities, and private access to a highly active online space where members/alumni discuss opportunities, share resources, and support each others' initiatives


THE ideal candidate:

Innovators tackling community issues:  We are looking for founders/leaders of organizations or businesses that solve community issues.  For profit, non-profit, we’re agnostic.  But your venture needs to do something that matters.  We’re also open to civic entrepreneurs...people in government leadership roles who are taking on important community issues.  

Commitment to Miami:  We’re building a community of social-impact leaders based in Miami, and we want our members to love this town. We may help you scale nationally or globally, but we want Miami to be your home-base.

Collaborators:  Our alums partner with each other like crazy.  We’re looking for people who are excited to not only grow their own thing, but who want to help others blow things up as well.

The right moment in your life:  This program is perfect for an org/leader that’s ready for a growth spurt.  If now is not the right moment for that, hold off a semester or two.

The Network

After participating in our bootcamp, members become part of our Social Impact Network.  Our goal is to maintain a co-supportive space where social impact leaders can sustain themselves, get the support, resources, friendship, and partnership they need to stay strong as they take on the serious issues they're tackling.   Our members are taking on community issues from education to the environment, diversity to human trafficking.  And they're excited to mentor and support (and learn from) the next cohort.

THE timeline

Applications are due by July 29th

Those being called for an interview will hear by August 5th

Interviews will take place August 11-13th, at Akerman’s offices in Brickell City Center, and slots will be first-come-first-serve

We’ll announce the cohort on August 26th

We are endlessly grateful to the John S. and James L. Knight FoundationThe Center For Social ChangeThe Miami Foundation, Leslie Miller Saiontz, Dan Lewis, Stephanie Ansin and Spencer Stewart, as well as our own Social Impact Network for enabling us to offer scholarships for Bootcamp.