"I used to think branding was all about logos and website content.
But my community's lack of interest in my organization is actually a branding issue."


Branding for Org Leaders is an two-hour, leadership-level professional development designed to help nonprofit executives consider their role in driving the ultimate the branding of their organization.  This interactive learning experience will help organizations consider their core message, and the best way to communicate that message to their target audience.  Participants will consider not just their printed materials and pitch content, but also the way their organization is perceived across the community.

This workshop led by Rebecca Fishman-Lipsey, CEO of Radical Partners and the Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.


At Branding For Org Leaders, you will rethink the way your entire team creates your organization's reputation.

  • Analyze your organization's accidental and deliberate brand
  • Define the core messages that you want your community to internalize about your work.
  • Learn to leverage informal and formal opportunities to strengthen your brand

The agenda will include insights and exercises to dive into:

  1. Defining your brand and what makes it magnetic
  2. Identifying your target audience, and their current perceptions and misperceptions of your brand
  3. The art of social media as a branding tool
  4. A strategic analysis of your digital and print materials