With huge thanks to our partners at:

AkermanIN, The Center For Social Change, The Miami Foundation,
the Social Impact Network, Leslie Miller Saiontz, Stephanie Ansin and Spencer Stewart. 

Benjamin Evans III

BMe Community
Building caring and prosperous communities inspired by black men.

Dara Schoenwald


Building a movement focused on ending marine debris.     



Luisa Santos

Lulu's Ice Cream

Building a sustainable, socially conscious food brand in Miami that ensures its employees are financially literate.


Lauren Harper

Center For Social Change   Creating a home and hub for visionaries in South Florida who are changing the world by providing them with the space and support to innovate, incubate and amplify their impact.

Benjamin Leis

Comic Cure

Raising support for local entertainers and local charities through community comedy festivals.


Olga Granda

Coconut Grove Playhouse Foundation

Building a world-class theatrical complex that will catalyze a new creative ecosystem for Miami.


Rebekah Monson


Helping curious locals explore and engage with their cities.

Sam Hyken

Nu Deco Ensemble

Building a virtuosic and eclectic chamber orchestra designed for the 21st century.



Willie Avendano


Providing personalized educational experiences to every child, and building the digital literacy skills that enable them to be the creatives and creators needed in the modern economy.

Vanessa Stone.jpg

Vanessa Tinsley

Bridge To Hope

Bridging the gap left by public assistance programs, to raise the quality of life and standard of living, and restoring dignity and hope to those in need.


Shekeria Brown

South Florida Community Development Coalition

Expanding affordable housing and economic opportunities throughout Miami-Dade.