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The 10 Days of Connection is a community-wide initiative to build empathy, kindness, and connection across lines of difference. Over 10 days, we challenge everyone in our community to get to know someone not like them, in whatever way they are ready.

The 10 Days of Connection are held from May 1st - May 10th, both in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. 

about the 10 Days of Connection 

This initiative is an incredible team effort. In 2017, we were approached by five institutions in our community - The Children's Trust, MCCJ, Miami Herald, The Miami Foundation, and the United Way of Miami-Dade - who were united in their desire to do something BIG to build increased empathy, understanding, and connectivity across lines of difference. We took their ideas and collective vision to the drawing board and together dreamed up Connect Miami - a massive community effort to connect people across lines of difference.

To kick off Connect Miami, we crafted a massive 10-day challenge for everyone in Miami-Dade County to step out of their comfort zones and connect with people who are not like them. In the first year, we galvanized the support of over 100 community partners and in the end, we facilitated the execution of over 100 community events that connected more than 15,000 participants. With significant media attention, strong traction on social media, and countless requests for the continuation of Connect Miami, we made a splash in our community.

This initiative is now an annual initiative that takes place from May 1 to May 10 and is co-designed by 180+ incredible leaders and organizations in South Florida! Check out the 10 Days of Connection website to learn about the 100+ connection experiences that we host every year and ways in which you can get involved. We can't wait to see where this movement takes us next, and we hope you'll join us on the journey.

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