Leadership Matters.

We must invest in the leaders who are solving the issues that matter most to our generation. We must stand with them as they take personal risks. We must invest in their ideas and support their growth. And we must make sure that our leadership base is inclusive. At Radical Partners we are building a massive community of outstanding change-makers, all of whom are building ventures that strengthen Miami. We search across Miami for leaders who are strengthening their communities from within, and for those with bold solutions for impact. Join us in scouting for talent. Help us strengthen our local leadership base. And invest in your own leadership.


Bootcamp is our most competitive accelerator program. Once a year we select 10-15 innovators who are building social enterprises based in South Florida. For profit? Non profit? We’re agnostic. We’re looking for ventures that have a transformational vision for impact, a track record of success, a pathway to sustainability, and outstanding leadership. Participants are inducted with a 3 month acceleration program, and when they graduate they become a lifelong part of our family. Learn more here.

Radical Partners Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
Radical Partners Leadership Lab


Once a year we scout the region for grassroots leaders who are strengthening their communities from within, for our Neighborhood Heroes Leadership Lab. We curate an outstanding cohort of neighborhood heroes who are leading efforts for community change, and we invest in their growth through a 10 week accelerator program. These leaders become a lifelong part of our family upon completion of the program. Learn more here.


In 2019, with leadership from Daniel Lewis, we are helping launch a $1,000,000 fellowship to mobilize leaders in Miami who are focused on a common goal to bring music education to all youth in Miami. Fellows will work together on bold collaborations to increase music access for youth in the region, and to work toward a common agenda.

Radical Partners Leadership Lab
Radical Partners 100 Great Ideas Force for Good


In order to strengthen the entire nonprofit ecosystem we offer free coaching, workshops, and strategy sessions with leaders across the region. Follow us on social media to find the opportunities.