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All scholarships for this cohort were made possible by the Health Foundation of South Florida, Target, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Peacock Foundation, Inc., and The Carrie Meek Foundation. We're so grateful to them for their support of Miami's Neighborhood Heroes and their dedication to making leadership development and capacity building resources available to our region’s community-driven grassroots leaders.

Radical Partners Aaron Hollis

Aaron Hollis

Founder, Kids Always First

Preventing suicide and promoting awareness of mental health issues and gun violence among youth his community through mentorship and skills training.

Radical Partners Anike Sakariyawo

Anike Sakariyawo

Founder, S.E.E.K. Foundation

Empowering teenagers, parents, teachers, and the community through educationally-diverse STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs.

Radical Partners Ashley Eubanks

Ashley Eubanks

Founder, The Beauty Initiative

Promoting and providing hygiene to young women in public schools, families, and women experiencing homelessness in order to restore their dignity.

Radical Partners Devin Browne

Devin Browne

Founder, Sports Konnect

Mentoring at-risk youth by providing the organizational infrastructure of education, sports, mental health, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Radical Partners Falicie Dirosier

Falicie Dirosier

Founder, Kids N Touch Academy

Promoting student achievement through hands-on learning opportunities and extra-curricular field experiences.

Radical Partners Jonathan Spikes

Jonathan Spikes

Founder, Affirming Youth

Providing in-school educational, emotional, physical, and mental health services to youth and their families.

Radical Partners Latrice Hill

Latrice Hill

Founder, Inner City Dance Club of Miami

Delivering an inclusive cultural dance program that creates high-quality experiences for youth from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Radical Partners Nejla Calvo

Nejla Calvo

Manager, The Mobile Home Park Advocacy Project

Advocating for renter's rights and providing free civil legal services to low-income South Florida residents of mobile home park communities.


Radical Partners Yolande McCray

Yolande McCray

Founder, Julia’s Kids, Inc.

Providing youth and families with tools and support to effectively cope with loss and grief through a series of educational empowerment programs.


Thank you to our funding partners for making this program possible:

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