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All scholarships for this cohort were made possible by JPMorgan Chase & Co., We're thankful to them for their support of Miami's Neighborhood Heroes and their dedication to making leadership development resources available to Miami's high-impact grassroots leaders.


Alecia Tramel-Mathis

Founder, Positive People Network

Vocally advocating for women with HIV while banishing the stigma of HIV victims.

Emmanuel George

Founder, Black Broward FIlm Project

Building a grassroots movement through the Black Broward Film Project’s media hub for the unification and economic development of black communities in NW Hollywood and NW Dania Beach by preserving their history and telling their stories.


James Mungin II

Community Activist and Founder, All Like Minds Media

“Munch” is creating access to vital public information and opportunities for underrepresented minority communities, starting with Liberty City and teaching theater and media production to empower youth to realize their full potential.

Jeanne Lewis-Albaugh

Founder/President, Showering Love

Assisting the South Florida homeless community to become self-sufficient by offering hygiene through a mobile shower facility, raising awareness on the issues of homelessness, mental health and affordable housing as well as resources to offer a hand up versus a hand out.


Kenneth Kilpatrick

Executive Director, The Alternative Programs Inc.

Enabling non-violent, low-income offenders access alternatives to prison sentences and creating wrap around social services to limit criminal activity among youth in low-income communities. Kenneth is also the president of the Brownsville Neighborhood Association and a long time advocate of equitable economic development in his community.

Leigh A. Cooper-Peabody

Executive Board Member, Coconut Grove Negro Women’s Club

Serving the West Coconut Grove Community and promoting the education of its women and girls through leadership development, college-readiness, scholarship services and a robust mentorship program with members of the Women’s club.


Linda Julien

Contracts Compliance Manager, City of North Miami, Operation No More Blue Tarp

Engaging in conversations with City of Miami Gardens neighbors to develop a home beautification initiative to eliminate slum and blight after damages incurred by Hurricane Irma.

Mileyka Burgos

Co-Founder, The Agency for Community Empowerment

Fighting gentrification and developing communities that foster sustainability, identity and economic development in Allapattah while empowering people and celebrating culture.



Sandy Dorsainvil

Principal, Maximilian Consultants

Curating cultural programming to preserve Haitian culture, serve Haitian families, and protect the community from inequitable gentrification, while working to make Little Haiti a tourist destination that benefits the local community.

Virginia Akar

Founder/President, Strong Girls Inc

Breaking the cycle of poverty by piloting a unique and holistic curriculum that provides continuous academic, social and emotional support to girls in underserved neighborhoods from 3rd to 12th grade beginning in Wynwood and Allapattah.

Webber J. Charles

Founder, Blac & Gray

Creating of a digital blog and podcast to help students maximize their potential and elevate their voice by developing their digital and editorial skills through the mediums of writing, photography, film, and social media management.