Congrats.  You have a TV, radio, or news interview coming up.  Must be doing something right!  If you want to make sure that you knock it out of the park, you have to prepare.  


This 1-on-1 training is extremely hands on.  In advance of the 90-minute meeting, you will get pre-work that pushes you to think through your core messages.  During the training itself you will hone your pitch, identify pitfalls, and practice navigating tricky spots.  You will also gain several key tips for coming off the way that you intend.


This training is led by Rebecca Fishman-Lipsey, CEO of Radical Partners and the Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.


At Media Training you will get practical coaching on how to come off polished, authentic, memorable, and intelligent for your upcoming media engagement.  You will:

  • Identify and prepare for tough questions
  • Hone your core message, and learn to weave it thoughtfully into your interview
  • Understand how to make the most of the unique opportunity at hand
  • Practice and get tough feedback in private, in a low-stakes environment

This training is held as-needed, and costs $250 per session.  Most people feel well-prepared after one session, but some schedule two sessions for high-impact interviews.  


Email RFL@radicalpartners.net for more information.