Stop trying to cram everything into your pitch.  Learn how to streamline and add impact.  


In this session, you will say goodbye to forgettable pitches, and craft your memorable, authentic, results-winning pitch to inspire and engage others in your organization, build trust, and uncover the most powerful and compelling elements of your mission statement. In this two-hour session, you will...

  • Break down the arc of a highly effective pitch
  • Analyze exemplars
  • Craft your own powerful pitch
  • Practice, practice, and practice again
  • Receive personalized feedback 

Want to practice?

We facilitated this workshop again with an incredible group at the AFP Wisconsin Fundraising Day. If you recently attended this workshop and want to download the handout, click on "download", and enter the passcode you received. Reach out if you'd like to bring this workshop to your organization or board.