Community based leaders are making amazing things happen in neighborhoods across the region. We're ready to recognize them and supercharge their impact. 


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*Applications for Cohort 3 will close on March 31st, 2019 at 11:59PM



We scout for outstanding leaders who are strengthening their communities and tackling the most important issues facing South Florida. The Leadership Lab is a fellowship focused on supporting powerful leaders to strengthen their local social impact. Each leader taking part in the fellowship will attends labs and coaching sessions, while gaining access to resources, tools, coaching, and a network of support and mentors.

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The Leadership Lab allows us to invest in the capacity, sustainability, and ultimate impact of neighborhood-based leaders and organizations working to strengthen vulnerable communities. Many community advocates rarely have the space and tools to strategize and develop professionally with the support of expert coaches and a network of allies. Because we are obsessed with sustainability and impact, we are building a space to share some of our best workshops, resources, and coaching with South Florida's most dedicated grassroots leaders.  


"There are people doing the heavy lifting, building incredible bonds with their community, and having serious impact. They often don't have the networks, platforms, or resources to pull off the transformational impact they're capable of. They help so many in their neighborhoods, and we must support them."

- Valencia Gunder

Valencia Gunder, Founder of  Make The Homeless Smile   Photo courtesy of  The Root /Ashley Velez

Valencia Gunder, Founder of Make The Homeless Smile

Photo courtesy of The Root/Ashley Velez

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Grassroots changemakers are already stepping out into their communities to understand the needs of their neighborhood. They’re motivated to take their knowledge and package it into long-term positive change to the benefit of those around them. They could be the leader of an organization working to increase access to quality education, a grassroots community activist that mobilizes their neighbors to take action to stop youth violence, or a volunteer who actively advocates for more affordable housing.

They’ve given a piece of themselves and have made sacrifices to improve the lives of those around them. Now they deserve some support to boost the change they seek in their community! Here's what they get:

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  • Are you a neighborhood-based community leader?

  • Do you lead a nonprofit initiative that strengthens your community?

  • Are you a solution-oriented change maker with a vision to change your neighborhood for the better?

  • If you had increased resources and support, would you be able to impact positive change for your community?

The Leadership Lab is tailored to provide support to leaders that believe in the power of community and take on initiatives that empower the community to build itself up. These initiatives can be grounded in certain issue areas - for example, educational inequity, affordable housing, or social justice - but must show that the initiative serves to work with the community to enact change and make measurable progress towards community vitality.

We look for applicants who are willing to think about their work differently - who are willing to have difficult conversations, take risks, and shake things up in the name of expanded impact. We’re not looking for leaders who know how to do it all. Rather, we look for individuals who can both demonstrate past successes AND reflect honestly about pain points in order to conquer the challenges faced by their communities.

Participation in Leadership Lab is free, thanks to the generous support of our partners:


Applications are open now and will close March 31st, 2019.

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Cohort 1 working together on a team building exercise.

Cohort 1 working together on a team building exercise.

Thank you JPMorgan Chase & Co. for making Leadership Lab cohorts 1 and 2 possible.