Radical Partners Amy Renshaw

Amy Renshaw

Co-founder and Executive Director of CodeArt


Radical Partners Brandon Okpalobi

Brandon Okpalobi

Founder of DIBIA Dream




Radical Partners Felecia Hatcher

Felecia Hatcher

Co-founder of Code Fever and Black Tech Week


Radical Partners Isabella Acker

Isabella Acker

Founder and President of Prism Creative Group

Radical Partners Michel Hausmann

Michel Hausmann

Founding Producing Artistic Director of Miami New Drama

Radical Partners Lauren Reskin

Lauren Reskin

Co-Founder, President & CEO of Sweat Records

Radical Partners Sheila Womble

Sheila Womble

Executive Director of Arts For Learning

Radical Partners Leigh-Ann Buchanan

Leigh Ann Buchanan

Executive Director of Venture Cafe

Radical Partners Rob Biskupic-Knight

Rob Biskupic-Knight

Executive Director of Engage Miami

Radical Partners Pioneer Winter

Pioneer Winter

Founder and Executive Director of Pioneer Winter Collective

Radical Partners Valencia Gunder

Valencia Gunder

Founder and Executive Director of Make the Homeless Smile