If you're a trusted leader, chances are your plate is full.  With limited time and ever-increasing priorities, it takes discipline and strategy to stay focused on what matters most.  If you've ever wondered how to get more accomplished in less time, this session is for you.


Great leaders are pulled in a million different directions, and oftentimes those directions distract them from their most important priorities. This session will help you take back control of your own time. In what has been deemed a life-changing experience by all who have participated, Radical Partners' Time Management workshop will revolutionize the way you work. 

Want to practice?

In this 2-hour workshop we will help you craft a dream calendar that aligns powerfully to the things that matter most for you. If you recently attended this workshop and want to download the handout, click on "download", and enter the passcode you received. Reach out if you'd like to bring this workshop to your organization or board.