We leverage technology to change the way communities civically engage. 100 Great Ideas campaigns bring together thousands of locals to learn about issues of regional importance and to work together toward solutions. We then support locals to bring solutions to life.

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Our 100 Great Ideas campaigns are online conversations where, in partnership with our amazing host committee of local topic experts and leaders, we invite anyone and everyone to share their opinion about the best way to solve a pressing community issue. At the end of the campaigns, we synthesize all ideas into a report which we share broadly. We then bring the top ideas to the decision-makers in the community who have the ability to implement them.

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100 great ideas incubator.

The 100 Great Ideas Incubator supports locals in bringing to life top ideas from the 100 Great Ideas campaign. Locals can apply to receive seed funding, coaching, mentorship, and support to activate a project that aligns with one (or more) of the top ideas. Read more about the inaugural cohort from the 100 Great Ideas Campaign No. 5: Climate Resilience & Sustainability here.

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We also had the pleasure of working with Enterprise Community Partners’ Southeast office to launch a 100 Great Ideas campaign focused on affordable housing in April 2019. Learn more about that campaign here, and check out their final report with the top 100 ideas to improve housing affordability in Atlanta!