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Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is a flagship Radical Partners program that seeks to increase the impact and sustainability of local leaders working to address our region’s most pressing issues. Every year, we recruit and select an outstanding and diverse group of leaders and focus on executing an exceptional leadership program for them. Each cohort we graduate contributes to a growing network of dynamic social impact leaders that collectively impacts the region as a whole.


Every year, we select a cohort of 10 new social innovators to join the family. For 5 months, we focus on accelerating the impact of their ventures with a focus on sustainability and growth. It's tough, it's very practical, and the results are visible. And thanks to the generous support of our funders, all selected participants receive a full scholarship.

Radical Partners Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Information
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A Proven Track Record of Leadership: We’re looking for leaders who have demonstrated results addressing societal issues. For profit, nonprofit, we’re agnostic. But your organization needs to do something that matters to the city, the region, the world. 

An Organization at an Inflection Point:  This program is well-suited for those who are ready to grow and scale to the next level. In order to take advantage, your organization should have certain basics in place including a crystal clear vision, programming that has already been implemented, and some demonstrated support from the community.

A Hunger to Learn and Implement: This program is intensive and in order to maximize it, participants need to have the time management skills, bandwidth, and commitment to take what they’ve learned and put it into action each week. If now is not the right moment, or you are already engaged in another leadership development experience, hold off until our next cohort. 

An Interest in Lifting All BoatsWe’re not just about strengthening powerful individuals. We’re building a community of diverse and collaborative problem solvers who are not only excited to grow their own thing, but who want to support each other as well.


After participating in Bootcamp, members become part of our Social Impact Network. Our goal is to maintain a supportive space where social impact leaders can sustain themselves and get the support, resources, friendship, and partnership they need to stay strong as they tackle new challenges. Our alumni are taking on community issues from educational equity and environmental resilience, to equitable development, racial diversity, and social justice. And they're excited to mentor, support, and learn from one another.

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The Radical Partners Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Effect

For the first time ever, the program will run from October 2019 through March 2020. All Saturday Workshops and Thursday Group Coaching sessions take place at CIC Miami | 1951 NW 7th Ave, 3rd Floor, Miami, FL 33136.

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Thank you to American Express, Knight Foundation, and Target for making this work possible.

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