We're building a high-impact network of leaders solving the most pressing issues facing our city. We select 10-12 outstanding leaders in each cohort. For 12 weeks we immerse in whole-group and individual professional developments focused on accelerating the impact of each leader and their organization. It's tough. It's very practical. Our alums are doing incredible things. And all participants receive a scholarship. 

Meet our 4 cohorts. 

The program


The Network

After participating in our bootcamp, members become part of our Social Impact Network.  Our goal is to maintain a co-supportive space where social impact leaders can sustain themselves, get the support, resources, friendship, and partnership they need to stay strong as they take on the serious issues they're tackling. Our members are taking on community issues from education to the environment, diversity to human trafficking.  And they're excited to mentor and support, and learn from, one another.

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The Bootcamp Effect

THE ideal candidate

A Community-Focused Innovator:  We are looking for founders/leaders of organizations that solve community issues.  For profit, non-profit, we’re agnostic.  But your venture needs to do something that matters.  We’re also open to civic entrepreneurs...people in government leadership roles who are taking on important community issues.  

A Miami-Obsessed Leader:  We’re building a community of social-impact leaders based in Miami, and we want our members to love this town. We may help you scale nationally or globally, but we want Miami to be your home-base.

A Collaborative Problem-Solver:  Our alums partner with each other like crazy.  We’re looking for people who are excited to not only grow their own thing, but who want to help others blow things up as well. We’re looking for people who are going to cheer each other on and lift each other up.

A Thirsty Learner:  This program is perfect for an organization that’s ready for a growth spurt and a leader who will be wholeheartedly committed to the program. If now is not the right moment for growth or if you are already engaged in another coaching/professional development experience, hold off for our next cohort.

THE timeline

Application Window Open: July 31 - August 25, 2017

Notification of First Round Interviews: September 1, 2017

First Round Interviews: September 5-15, 2017

Second Round Interviews: September 18-22, 2017

Notification of Final Selection: September 26, 2017

Cohort 4: October 3 - December 12, 2017

Cohort 4 applications are now closed. Meet our new cohort!

We're proud to share that Cohort 4 of Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is 100% funded and led by women leaders in South Florida.


* Please note that the dates below have recently been adjusted to delays caused by Hurricane Irma. None of the dates have actually been changed, rather they have been shifted back to accommodate a longer interview period. Please contact with any questions!

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